1. First part of the clip is from the 16th   on the other side of Barren Mountain, and the second two are from the 17th .  The second clip is at the very end of the 100 mile wilderness and the 3rd is inside the Monson General Store at their weekly bluegrass night. (Song Clip: Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show)

    God Brings Rest 

    July 17th Day: 8 

    I FiNished the 100 Mile Wilderness! Wow tha – felt good. Called SHAWs they came + picked me up I ate 3 servin’s of all you can eat fish fry at THE LAKESHORE HOUSE “Laundry up front, Bar in the back, sleep up top.” then went to Monson Gen. Store for their music night. They let me play w/ them! It was a rough hike. But it woke up and the woman and her son had left me some mountain house meals which I devowerd for lunch. But then… I was sick. Had dierea and threw up once. It took 11 hours for me to do 16 miles which was slow for me. Gods really shown me how to trust, persevere, and be truly happy in every moment.


    When I woke up and the woman and her son had left me food it was unbelievable. Such an answer to prayer. I was out of food and would have had to go through the day with nothing but a granola bar. It made me feel awful for being upset inside because they took the Root Beer and Whoopie Pie the day before. It was true “trail magic” as they call it to have had them give it to me. The Lord provided it.

    The Hike that day was tough. So tough in fact that I almost camped that night rather than finishing the wilderness. After I had puked and felt dehydrated from the diarrhea I just didn’t want to continue. It had gotten so bad that at one point I dropped trow right in the middle of the trail (don’t tell). I know a bit too much information, but I think if I left that out it wouldn’t tell the whole story. But the lord told me to continue. He gave me motivation. I stopped at a shelter that had a menu from the restaurant in Monson. The all you can eat fish fry called my name and gave me an extra boost.

    I got to the road, called Shaw’s (the hostel in town) and within fifteen minutes they came and picked me up. I got in, got a cot in the bunkroom that had ten other beds and took my first shower. IT WAS PURE HEAVEN!!! They had clean “street cloths” for us to change into so that we could wash our hiking cloths and feel normal for a bit. I put on a pair of jeans, denim felt great, and a sweatshirt and went to explore the town. I called my parents and went to the Post office to see if my package was there, it wasn’t so I would have to stay in town another day. I went to the Lakeshore house to eat. The bar was handmade completely out of one single family planted tree. It overlooked the lake, it was great.

    That night I met a woman and her family, the Douthats. She was great, a Christian, and we talked for a while before I finally fell asleep. 

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  2. The trail. Look for the blaze, and it continued going up. This became a normal climb. 


    ->)//THE LORD PROVIDES\(<-

    JULY 16TH DAY: 7

    Didnt Journal: Hiked 21.5 miles on this day. Covered Chairback, Colombus, 3rd, 4th, and Barren MNT. in one day. It was cloudy all day and I wasn’t feelin’ good but when I got to the top of 4th the Heavans Literally opeNed and I felt completely Restored. I saw the first remnace of what they call Trail Majic. Food left on the trail like soda and snacks with a note. But all the food was gone. When I got to the shelter which I could barely find in the night I met a woman and her son. Annoyingly they told me they got the LAST root beer and whoopee pie and devoired them. I barley had much good food left so it was hard to hear her say that. They are day Hikers why do they need it? 


    The reason I hiked 21.5 miles was because I was running out of food. I wouldn’t have made it. When I got to the top of 4th and “the clouds opened up” they really did. The music video Vanilla Twilight by Owl City really represents visually what it looked like. I was so filled with energy and joy and hope and wonder that I could not stop there. I would be able to continue hiking without it getting dark so quick and be able to see off the tops of mountains. I kept hiking. 

    I have tried to make days better, lift my spirits, buckle down, and press on using so many other things than the Lord. He did it in a single moment. When I came across the empty trail magic I was so down and I thought that having that would have made me happy, but it I know it wouldn’t have. God seemed to say to me that night all you need is me for joy fulfillment and hope. I will give things to you.     

    7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

       9 “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! 12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. 

    - Matthew 7:7-12

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  3. find the trail. don’t worry you’ll get lost.

    Note: there will never be a picture of how terrible the conditions were, the reason is because it was truly hell. And no one takes pictures while their barely making it. I tried once or twice to capture it, there is just nothing that does it justice.


    July 15th D-day + 5

    Tough day today thats for sure! Haha funny how an eleven mile “short day” can take so much outta you. Got a late start cuz I slept in on purpose. It was colD from the start. For lunch I had the can of ham. Didn’t sit well. I had gas and a tummy ache and the Runs all day. So from that point on I trekked w/ a Smile tryin to learn how to be joyful in all things. Met 4 northbounders no 5 at White Cap today. All had Great beards. Ready to finish. ( I wonder if I’ll end up just a bit odd like them.) Tonight I’m staying at Carl A. Newhal lean-to. 



    If the bugs, the falls, the intense physical strain, and the nasty trail conditions were all that was tough about the 100 mile wilderness, I would have been fine. But I got sick. what happened with the can of ham on the 15th was just added sickness to what had already began to set in. This is unpleasant but true. Diarrhea, puking, and fatigue for three days. I chose to keep hiking through it. I could not get far fast, cuz I had to stop every twenty minutes, take myself far off the trail so that no one could see me, dig a hole, do the dirty, pack up the whole. Kinda made it difficult to keep on going. But I kept on. I was not going to let this hold me back.


    Its amazing how unsettling it is to sleep in the woods. I would deny it up until after I returned from the trip, but I was afraid of the dark, especially in the woods. So sleeping alone in a tent with bears, moose, deer, loons, and all other sorts of things making noise it was easy to be unsettled, and hard to fall asleep. 

    It’s funny to think I was so timid back then. I will walk into a creepy set of woods that is pitch black and not think twice nowadays. 


    On the trail in every shelter, and in some other places, there are log books. In these log books people do not simply write their name and continue on they journal or leave a message for someone behind them and they create a amazing form of communication along the entire trail. I knew at any given time stories about people a week ahead of me and a week behind me. People would warn you about strange hikers, or odd people in the town, but they also told you what town had the best food, cutest city folk, best places to resupply, best hostles, and of course the most important: where the next closest place to get Ben and Jerry’s was. (but i knew none of this)

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  4. July 14th Day: 5

    Hannah’s Birthday been tryn’ to call or text but there is no service. I Stayed at Antler’s Camp Site last night. Beautiful. I could see the sun set and sun rise from my camp site. I ate lunch today at Cooper Brooke Falls. There was a perfect swimming but it was a bit too chilly. Continued on and made it to a site 3.6 miles before I wanted to stop. East Branch Lean-to is awesome. Big w/ sun roofs. Bob + John are here. Both great guys. Gave me food they had left over. And cooked me some pasta.

    I fell real bad today but praise God I’m fine. Down Hill, face first, Pack over head near and between Rocks.

           Battles of the day: Why cant I do whats Fun? 



    Falling in the woods is a humorous sounding thing until it happens to you. At this point is when the trail began to get difficult and really begin to bear down hard on my soul. 

    It had rained in Maine every single day in June, the only “days” they could say that it didn’t were because they added together the brief hours that the rain had subsided. It left the one hundred mile wilderness in a condition that is hard to describe. Creeks turned into rivers, the trail turned into a bog, and every single root was exposed and as dangerous as black ice. There are no bridges over the rivers in Maine because the winters are so harsh that each time they build one it gets ripped to shreds. So because of the rain, the streams we were to cross were more like white water. slip once, your either off the edge of a waterfall or floating down stream, whatever the case, your journey is immediately over. 

    The trail condition was as if I was trying to walk through a half foot of mire at all times. shoes and legs were caked with mud. But that wasn’t the worst part. Bog logs, rock hoppin’, and wet roots. Bog logs are in areas that the trail is normally muddy, however because of the rain the dry spots became muddy and the muddy places became swamp. Before I knew the untold dangers of bog logs I would blindly balance my way across them. But they move, they sink, they give out. Same with rock hopping, it would remind you of crossing a river on exposed stones, or playing a 8 hour game of “don’t touch the lava”. But the terrible thing is sometimes mud can look like a rock, or a rock can be loose or even covered in a type of moss you have never seen before. 

    All this to say that falling flat on ones face, smashing limbs on rocks, in enough mud and grime to cover ones body happened a lot. The first time I fell I still remember laying there embarassed, in extreme pain, tangled up in my pack and trekking poles with a 47 pound back on my back and I couldn’t get up. It was humiliating, mentally degrading. I thought I was tough, I thought I was a man, some moncho sport player,and I can’t get off the ground, and can’t keep my feet. I laid there and screamed for help, cursed, and finally gave up. Just worked my way around inch by inch and unbuckled my pack rolled it off and prayed. Got back up and started hiking again

    I fell again ten minutes later.

    at times I fell down mountains in the rain. skin grinding against bedrock.

    I fell so many times that eventually instead of swearing or cursing, I began to thank the Lord. Thank him that it wasn’t worse then it was. Cuz I was still hiking wasn’t I? I’m still Alive right? Ahh, the slow breakdown, the renewing of the mind.

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  5. ^ This is a high class way to crap in the woods. ______________________

    JULY 13th, 2009 

    Which brings me to today. Breakfast this morning was great! Overlooked Nahmakanta Lake. Hiked 16 miles couldnt even notice. I met a fellow southbounder 2 in fact. The first joined me for awhile. he taught me some tricks and tips cuz hes flip-floped before. He told me about other people who have hiked for my reasoning. The Second was a man named “Pidgeon” he started back on June 7 but hurt his AC and started back on the same day I did. Just not on Katahdin. Both of the men stayed at the White House I met two guys from boston. Mikey and J his buddy. Said I might see em again in Shennendoah


    There is something that I do not address in the journal that I think is very important. Food. Haha. I went to this preppy boarding school where we were basically pampered. Three meals a day, all you can eat, with a salad bar, a pasta bar, a coffee bar, juice, milk, soy milk, bread, anything you could want. ( not to mention that anytime during the day you could go get a PB&J, hot chocolate, coffee, or tea ) So, that said, the first day on the trail i had a cup of oatmeal, a peanut butter sandwich, and a bowl of ramen noodles and burnt myself on the stove twice. All delicious I might say, but thats what I had for the next ten days strait…   Its amazing what I took for granted. 

    This is a good time also to bring up bugs and plants…    mosquitos, black flies, poison ivy, spiders and their webs. Every time I would stop to get water or just look at something I would get bit easily five times. While hiking black flies would land on me without me noticing until they had eaten away at my skin in a one inch section that has started bleeding. Constantly I would be walking through spiderwebs until I swore I was wearing a mask made of web. Then, in a reasonable paranoia, wonder where the spider was, how big it was, if it was poisonous or not and have a “get it off me spasm”…       

    The southbounder I met who had already hiked the trail once said: “if you always scratch what itches then you’ll be a raw piece of infected meat in less then a week and you’ll quit.” Those damn flies taught me patience, and that I can’t go for the quick fix to feel good. It seems that on the trail all the silly proverbs I had heard growing up started to make sense. 

    ( oh and btw i was wearing 100% DEET the whole time )  

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  6. JULY 12th, 2009 - Day: 3

    This is a Photo of Hurd Brooke Lean-To where I stayed my first night on the trail


    written on july 13th, 2009.

    Yesterday is one to remember. At least for now.

           -I hiked a total of 17 miles

    I got another later start. Met two Northbounders who were about to finish. One Named “sunny” (looked just like him) and the other I met at Rainbow Stream lean-to. I almost stayed the night there and I dont know but I flet god wanted me to but I did the crazy thing and hiked 8 more miles. HA! didnt make all eight. Lost my GreenCrocks! but hey I did see my first black bear. Any ways I set up camp as the sun was setting. I could barely move I was so tierd and in pain. I stayed a-top Nesuntabunt Mnt.


    This is only half of the July 13th journal entry because this half talks about the twelfth. I wasn’t able to journal because it started to pour when I began to set up my tent on top of the mountain. Also, I was so exhausted that I laid down and fell asleep almost immediately. 

    It was quite stupid of me to have attempted the extra 8 miles. I knew I should not have, I felt the Lord saying stay, but I left anyway. Look where it got me, on top of a mountain in a storm…     fun. Trust God even in the things that seem irrelevant.

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  7. This picture is of the sign to the entry of the legendary 100 mile wilderness. For someone who didn’t even know how to use his stove yet, this was freaky. It didn’t help that the sign itself was tattered and barely standing as if it had been attacked by a bear. 


    July 11th Day: 2

    Trip got started at 9:56am because my rents + and I needed sleep from K the day before. Also my first pack weight was 60lbs. and I was able to shave it down to 47. Todays hike was beautiful. Great weather. Ate lunch at “The Big Niagra” waterfal. Took a break at another gorgeous rapid. I walked 13 miles today. and hiked for about 7 hours. Good first day. Met. 2 other Southbounders “Griz” and his buddy. Shared the Hurd Brooke Lean- to.


    This day was insane, I don’t mention it in the journal, but after I saw my parents drive away I stepped into the woods and hiked strait for four hours. I felt great and confident, I said to myself this will be a piece of cake. Until I came across a sign that read “Springer Mountain 2,170.3 miles” and that’s when it first began to sink in… this is gonna be a LONG 6 months. 

    Springer Mountain is where the Appalachian Trail ends in Georgia. The Trail starts in Maine on the top of Katahdin and goes through 14 states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and finally Georgia. 

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  8. Appalachian Trail

    July 9th, 2009 12:09am

    I have never been so emotional, scared, anxious, or speechless about something I wanted to do so badly than I am at this very moment. My bag’s sort of packed but positioning will change + things will be taken out. I hurt cuz I never have been away from home, friends, family, for this amount of time. Well, I just gotta let go of all of it. the girl especially. Dear Lord, We got this.

    July 10th day: 1


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  9. Find the unappreciated thing and show people why it deserves attention. You will cause an avalanche.


  10. Is this Brooks Ritter?! I think yes.

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