1. Find the unappreciated thing and show people why it deserves attention. You will cause an avalanche.


  2. Is this Brooks Ritter?! I think yes.

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  3. Mt. Washington from Mt. Madison

    August 6th, Day:28

    Wow, long day. Started early, around 7:15ish and it was a 13 mile day. This is we had a 2000ft. decent over 2 miles and a 3oooft. ascent over 2.5 miles. It was worth it though. Ridge walking on the Wildcats and Madison was jaw dropping. We could see Mt. Washington perfectly. Our stay at Carter Notch proved to trump tonight. Madison Spring Hut was strange. They were rude. We almost did not get work for stay. Statesboro convinced them to let us do morning work and thankfully they let us. It has been cold out here above tree line.

    The White Mountains are hard to describe. Pain covers every inch of your body while hiking. Knees, feet, shoulders, and hands are shot no more than an hour into each hike. Each ascent and decent will take you no less than 1000 ft. up or down in less than a mile. This is a 19% slope grade. I do not know how anyone does it. The only reason I made it was constantly saying to the lord, “I cannot go any further!!!” At times it felt like I was floating down mountains and being taken up mountains by ski lifts. I would give up and some how a few hours later I was at the top of the mountain. It is said that the AT takes 5,000,000 steps. The cliché of saying, “just take it one step at a time” was true. If I did not have my faith, if Christ wasn’t there, I have no idea how I would have made it. I have no idea how anyone finishes it who does not cling to Christ.  

     A friend of mine, Nick Tallman, just hiked the AT. Before he left I tried to describe to him or give him an idea of how difficult the journey was. As graphic as I was he said it was ten times worse…     


  4. AUGUST 5th Day: 27

    Said bye to the Pinkhams and headed out. Hiked 13 miles. First 5 were in the rain and I just knew God was gonna bring the sun out and He did. We were sitting at a lookout and could see the Mountains creeping out through the clouds like monsters hiding in the darkness. And then the sun heated up and pulled the clouds higher and we could see the whole range. God has laid the clouds in the valley at night as fog, and raised them up in the heat of the day from the valley to where they belong in the sky. Just like we here on earth are here for the moment under darkness and we will soon go to heaven where we truly belong. When His Son comes again.

    We hiked a ridge for a while with great views. We were the first thru-hikers to Carter Notch Hut. Man, it was gorgeous. Between carter Dome and the North peak of Wildcat Range there were two small ponds. The moon tonight is great. Got some pretty good picks. The crew here at Carter Notch is real nice. The one had quite a hangover the other was a shorter version of Nate Mealy. *(a teacher of mine from HS.)



    We are like clouds in the valley at night

    Awaiting the dawn

    When the Son will rise up

    And call us home

    Where we belong…


    It is amazing what the Lord will show you if you shut your mouth, rid yourself of distractions, and submit yourself to silence. His still small voice can be heard in the unsettling power of nature. Faith in God is not a blind leap it is a sure step.  


  5. Photo: “paint paradise and put up a parking lot”


    August 4th (2009) Day 26 

    Zero Day. My goal now is to add my feelings and emotions to this now. I went back and read what was my first entry. The informational stuff is nice but the emotions are that much more interesting. So this will be Facts, feelings and the following of J.T.B. “BROTUCKY’s” 2000 mile adventure of faith.

    * * *

    Man, what a day. The Pinkhams took us to their dual-monthly Seniors Breakfast at Shelburne, NH town hall. It was a blast. The elderly have such a fun, clean humor. and love for life that us young folk don’t seem to share. It’s a shame. We went to Walmart to do some shopping ( always stresses me out ) and I got a little less food than needed. Trusting in the North-bounders account of the generosity of the NH huts. I had a little trouble w/ my package because my trail name was on it and not my real name, but because my Mother sorted it all out everything was fine. I took another nap today and ate much better (not as fast). Dances with Wolves was on tonight. I can relate to his “Alone” feeling. Not a bad one, but a good one. It;s hard with all my thoughts to know what is right when it comes to love and what to do with my future. There have been instances that send me back to past relationships. Some come with a warm feeling that are rooted in firm foundations, and others seem to pull at every part of me, with a sense of the unknown. One seems simple, and the other a leap of faith. God only knows. There is only a small curiosity of someone new.

    The Lord is truly helping me see who He is. It is in my mind all day. I long for what He will show me next. I continue to fight the battle lines that come between me and opening the Bible and praying. Once I’m there I feel filled and before I’m there I now desire it. The bridge between is still a road block. It’s not easy, but more and more I see its worth. It truly interprets what I have seen. My eyes are being opened in a way I never knew. To life, to friendships, to commitments, passions, joys, and to God’s kingdom. It’s all His.    

    I love this.

    I miss school, believe it or not, the day to day routine, the food, how blessed I was, the friends I had, and the community. I strangely haven’t missed youth group yet. The worship and John’s preaching, yes, but not that world. I will soon. I haven’t been away long enough yet plus they are people of God. Their friendship and love I believe will come with me. But I wasn’t as poured into them as I was into my school. Church was a haven. School was life. God molded me there, as He has begun to here. 


    This entry speaks for itself. 


  6. Photo: the desk I wrote my journal entry. At the Pinkham’s House.


    AUGUST 3 (2009) Day 25 

    Wow. Was glad to have hiked those extra miles last night. My legs were ready to be in town and Rested. My feet were soaked and raw. There was awesome Trail Magic. Br. Pepper + Little Debbies what more could Noel ask for?!? We got to North Rd. the street the Pinkhams live on. Drew headed one way and I the other. I thought God was splitting us up, but when the Pinkhams came to get me they where he was and we picked him up. God may be using me in his life. The Pinkhams have a wonderful house they are AMAZING. They made us feel like family + right at home, ready to serve us. Praise God. We went to the Chinesse Buffet and I ate WAY too much. Felt a  bit sick. Same tonight. Mrs. Pinkham made roast chicken zuccini stuffed w/ gravy mash + brocolli. Awesome dinner. I took a 2 hour nap + ate some chips. We had brownies and watched Hook and stayed up late. This is just a totally relaxing time. 


    To be cared for by a complete stranger is a powerful event. Especially through things such as Trail Magic. Food, candy, soft drinks, etc. are simply placed in a container of sorts with a brief note of encouragement. There is no face or name to go with any of it. No method or way to thank those who have given it. The Pinkhams and their generousity was quite the same. Though we had a face and a name to thank, there was no way I could have thanked them enough. In fact, to try and repay them for what they did would almost be an insult. There is no amount of money that I could provide to those who provided me Trail Magic or to the Pinkhams that would have made up for what they had done. This is first because they gave in a way that wished for nothing in return. Also, the encouragement that both of these things gave me, the perseverance and the renewal of spirit, is priceless. 

    This is much like what God has done for us through Christ. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We are headed strait for Hell. Damned for what we have done. Even the tiniest thought that enters our minds is worthy of eternal separation from God our Father. But, while we were still sinners Christ died for us. Out of His unbelievable love for us He died to glorify Himself. So, that all would see His immeasurable love and praise Him. Those who hear this great news and are granted faith by the Holy Spirit now can spend eternity with their father in Heaven. There is NOTHING we could do to repay God for what He has done. To try would be to lessen the radical love portrayed on the cross. God is more glorified if Christ’s sacrifice was a free gift. 


  7. Morning of August 2nd.


    AUGUST 2nd, 2009 - Day 24

    Today I am no longer in MAINE. I officially crossed the NH-ME State line w/ Drew and Maine is no more. 1 down 13 States to go! Today was Sunday and rather than missing my friends at church I felt blessed to enjoy the Lord’s day w/ a different type of sermon. A 360 degree view from the peak of Goose Eye Mt. God’s power + His provision + His creation all before me. The Clouds lying low and also rising, the Sun and the Moon both in the sky, Mt. Washington in the distance, Amazing. My knee hurt just a bit today in the beginning. I took it slow but it was alright. We stopped at Gentian Pond Shelter. Awesome. almost wanted to stay, but that would have meant 11 more miles to town the next day. We walked on till a tent site and God held off the Rain till we could set up our tents. Praise Him! I talked to the Pinkhams and they seem very nice, warm, and welcoming. I do not like having to sleep in my tent, but tonight I feel tired enough to fall sound asleep. 


    Standing on top of Goose Eye Mountain is a moment I will never forget. There are no words, no camera, no video to explain what it was really like. It was a day that most city folk would consider gloomy, and from the valleys it felt that way. The sent of the mountain was steep, each step thigh high, with wet make shift boards, and twisted rebar, for help in footing. One wrong move, at least one or many bones would be shattered. The mountains in the North East are not at high elevations, so they do not reach above tree level, but the weather is so fierce that it creates bald mountain tops roughly a 4000 ft. when the trees go away the wind roars and your once firm stance and trust in your legs and tears it from you as you now must learn to hold your footing amongst the erratic gusts. The gloomy day in the valley, is the most beautiful and powerful sight from the mountain top. Every movement of the Clouds, whether dormant in the valley, or whipping over the tops of myriad mountains surrounding, is breath taking. The gentle way the sun sheds its colors through a seem in the sky on the horizon and paints the white canvases with deep and creamy purples, oranges, and reds. The dark side of the mountain glooms with deep blues and greens. The weather worn trees then add an amount of grit and rage to the seen.

    Whoever thinks they are strong, be still and know that the Lord is God.  


  8. Don’t feel your way into actions, act your way into feelings.

  9. Most people treat the Bible very politely . They have a small pocket volume, neatly bound; they put a white pocket-handkerchief round it and carry it to their places of worship; when they get home, they lay it up in a drawer till next Sunday morning; then it comes out again for a little bit of a treat, and goes to chapel; that is all the poor Bible gets in the way of an airing. That is your style of entertaining this heavenly messenger. There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write “damnation” with your fingers.
    — C.H. Spurgeon

  10. Careful dear, I’m only just getting started…